When you have certainty on what you believe… when you operate life based on principles, not by consequences… that’s when you’ll get the attention of others.

If you light yourself on fire, people from thousands of miles will come to watch you burn.


PS, actually, it’s 25,000 days on average that we have to live.

PPS, please don’t literally light yourself on fire. Light yourself on fire with passion is good :)

If you’re not making the kind of money you’d like in your business yet, focus more of your energy into developing the skills that will make it so it’s inevitable for you to become successful in your business.

“When riches come, they will come so fast that it will make your head spin. And you will be wondering where they have been hiding all these while!” – Napoleon Hill

One of the most important fertile grounds we must develop in order to produce good harvest is the fertile ground of our mind. A mind filled with bad thoughts, programs, and habits, will have a difficult time nurturing good ideas, thoughts, and plans.

A misnomer is an innacurate definition to a word. One misnomer in relationships is the word ‘belonging.’ A thing or a person cannot belong to you if it, he, or she, doesn’t actually long for you.

Focus on the skills. Master the skills… so that success is inevitable.



Success is in the doing.

Words become a reality. What didn’t exist a moment before you said it now exists.

In success, here’s the main question: “Are you doing what it takes?”




Our Lives Are Affected Mainly By Three Things:

#1- Our Philosophy: How we think and what we know about what we think.

#2- How We Feel: How we feel about ourselves, others, and circumstances.

#3- Our Lives are affected by what we do.

To get to where you want to go in life and to get to where you’d like to arrive, how many books do you need to read to get there? Answer: As much as it takes.

How much should you do? Answer: As much as you can.

How many people’s lives should you touch? Answer: As many as you can.

There is no difference between someone who doesn’t read books and someone who cannot read books.


We see reality based on our current map of reality. Perception is subjective. We don’t see it for what it objectively is.

The surface level structure of language and communication is less powerful than the deep structures of communication. By controlling the presuppositions in our communication, we would be able to skyrocket our influential abilities.

Studies have shown that the conscious portion of our mind processes 5 to 9 things at one time. The unconscious portion of the mind processes over 2 million things at any one time. Which do you think is more powerful?


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